In addition to my teaching and individual research I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in a number of collaborative research projects with scholars and scientists in a range of other fields.

Participant – UC Davis ModLab (2013-)

For the past year I have been privileged to be a part of the ModLab at UC Davis, a group of faculty and graduate students “developing new tools and methods to address the challenges faced by scholars working at the intersection of the sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.” Check out the fascinating current and past projects here.

Associate Director – Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures (2013-)

Along with Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli and Colin Milburn I coordinate programming, funding and research for the Digital Cultures Research Initiative at UC Davis. The initiative investigates the imapact of digital technology around issues of surveillance and privacy, gaming and interactive media, and intellectual property and copyright. Check out the calendar of upcoming talks and workshops here.

Curating – Depth of Field (2008-2013)

For several years I had the pleasure of curating the UC Berkeley Townsend Center’s Depth of Field Film+Video program, which screens six recent documentary films throughout the academic year for campus and community audiences.  In addition to selecting films and conceptualizing the program, I wrote up program notes for each film.

  • 2012-13 Series: Still Lives
  • 2011-2012 Series: Art and Culture in Transit(ion)
  • 2010-2011 Series: Spaces and Places
  • 2009-2010 Series: Moving Images, Moving Art
  • 2008-2009 Series: Film as the Seventh Art

Data & Democracy Initiative (2011-2013)

Graduate Student Researcher for the CITRIS Data & Democracy Initiative, which is working on bringing together a people and projects related to civic participation and government transparency.  One of the first projects we worked on was a tool for collating and comparing bystander video footage from public events (demonstrations, protests, etc.) called the Rashomon Project.

Afghan War Report (2011)

As part of a collaborative project with Ken Goldberg for Arts Research Center fellowship, we worked on creating what I think of as a non-optical data visualization.  The result was a poem based on the Wikileaks data.  More information can be found here.



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